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2001 AMA Survey on Workplace Testing: Basic Skills, Job Skills, Psychological Measurement

21st Century Workforce Summit

Action Learning for Individual and Organizational Development

Adult and Continuing Education Associations

Adult Education at Work

Adult Learning In Groups

Adult Literacy Research Network

Adult Training Programs, Employment and Training Administration

America’s Career Information Network (ACInet)

America’s One-Stop system

American Fact Finder

America's Job Bank

America's Literacy Directory (ALD)

ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) Press Room

ASTD Policy and Public Leadership

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Basic Skills in the Workplace: A Research Review

Basic Skills Training 101 (Note: must register to access; registration is free)

Behavioral Training: The ABCs of Workplace Literacy (Note: must register to access; registration is free)

Bureau of Labor Statistics


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Career Planning Guide for Adult Learners


CASAS -- The Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System

Census Bureau Economic Programs

Census Economic Briefing Room

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition

Center for Workforce Preparation (CWP)

Center on Education and Work

Conference Board

Context Matters: Teaching and Learning Skills for Work

Contextual Teaching and Learning: Preparing Students for the New Economy

Contextual Teaching, Professional Learning, and Student Experiences: Lessons Learned from Implementation

Correctional Education Student/Learner

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Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration

Determinants of Literacy and Numeracy, and the Effect of Literacy and Numeracy on Labour Market Outcomes

Developing and Evaluating Workplace Literacy Programs: A Handbook for Practitioners and trainers

Does Training Pay? Evidence from Australian Enterprises

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Economic Benefits of Improving Literacy Skills in the Workplace

Economic Success Clearinghouse

Employer Involvement in Workforce Development

English as a Second Language Students and Learners

ERIC/ACVE -- The Educational Resources Information Center

Establishing an Evidence-based Adult Education System

ETA Policy and Research Publications Online Reports

Evidence-Based Education

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FedWorld Information Network

The Finance Project


Focus on Basics

Focus on the Changing World of Work

From Isolation to Integration

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Getting There: A Curriculum for People Moving into Employment

Good Practice in Use: Guidelines for Good Practice in Workplace Education

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Health and Literacy Student/Learner

High Road Partnerships Report

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Identifying and Implementing Educational Practices Supported By Rigorous Evidence: A User Friendly Guide

Impact of Basic Skills Programs on Canadian Workplaces: Results of a National Study for ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation

Importance of Culture: Four Models for Workplace Basic Skills

Indicators of Welfare Dependence: Annual Report to Congress

Information on Adult Education Agencies By State

Institute for Career Development

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Job Interviews

Job Seekers at ETA

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Labor Movement Defends Immigrant Worker's Rights (see p. 17)

Labor-Management Partnerships Boost Training (Note: must register to access; registration is free)

Labour Education Centre

Layoff-Related Services ( U.S. Dept. of Labor)

Layoff Survival Kit for Union Leaders

Learning Activities Bank

Listening and Reading Processes of Adults: A Report of Survey Findings and References from a Workshop Presented in the United States and Canada in 1999

Literacy and Learning Disabilities Student/Learner

Literacy Resources/Rhode Island

Literacy Skills Analysis for Job Training

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Male-Female Differences in the Low-Wage Labor Market

Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

Mathematics for Manufacturing: Student Workbook

Medicaid: Transitional Coverage Can Help Families Move From Welfare to Work

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National Assessments of Adult Literacy 2002

National Association of State Workforce Agencies:Workforce ATM

National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB)

National Center for Education Statistics

National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL)

National Center on Education and the Economy

National Institute on Post secondary Education, Libraries, and Lifelong Learning (PLLI)

National Labor College

National LINCS Policy & Legislation Special Collection

National Workforce Assistance Collaborative

NCAL's Current Research and Development Projects

New Perspectives on Mentoring

New Ways of Learning in the Workplace

NIFL Workforce Education Fact sheet

NIFL Workplace Literacy Discussion List

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Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE)

One-Stop Career Centers

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Partnership for Reading: Using the Adult Collection

Penn State Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy

Plain Train

Policymaker’s Primer on Education Research

Profiting from Learning: Do Firms’ Investments in Education and Training Pay Off?

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Research-Based Principles for Adult Basic Education Reading Instruction

Return On Investment in Training

Role of Education and Training in Welfare Reform

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Science and Numeracy Student/Learner

Second National WIB Survey Report

Self-Esteem and Employment

Shared Work, Valued Care: New Norms for Organizing Market Work and Unpaid Care Work

Skills for a New Century

State and County Quick Facts

State Directors of Vocational-Technical Education

Steps to Employment

Story of the Week: Bike Messengers Vote to Join Union

Success by Design: What Works in Workforce Development

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Task Analysis Strategies and Practices

Technology Training Student/Learner Resources

Testing and Accountability in Adult Literacy Education

Tips For Finding the Right Job

TOWES: Test of Workplace Essential Skills

Training Proves Its Worth (Note: must register to access; registration is free)

Turning Skills Into Profit: Economic Benefits of Workplace Education Programs

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U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Department of Education: Research and Statistics

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Department of Labor Compliance Assistance

U.S. Department of Labor: Employment and Training Administration

U.S. Department of Labor Statistics

Unemployment Insurance

United States Department of Labor Newsroom

Using Adult Learning Principles in Adult Basic and Literacy Education

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Vocational English as a Second Language

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Welfare Reform Policy, Practice, Information

Welfare Reform Reauthorization and Rural America

Welfare Reform Series from the Post

Welfare's Changing Face

What Works Clearinghouse

WIA State Plans

Women's Business Center

Work Supports

Workforce Education Learning Activities Bank

Workforce Improvement Network

Workforce Information Council

Workforce Information Council Library

Workforce Investment Act

Workforce Investment Act: Better Guidance Needed to Address Concerns Over New Requirements

Workforce Investment Act Laws and Regulations

Workforce Investment Act: New Requirements Create Need for More Guidance

Workforce Literacy in an Information Age: Policy Recommendations for Developing an Equitable High-Tech Skills Workforce

Workforce Strategies and Initiatives

Working for America

Workplace ESL Online

Workplace Literacy Assessment Tools

Workplace Literacy Best Practices (Note: must register to access; registration is free)

Workplace Skills for the Adult learner: An Integrated Curriculum


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