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Learning Disabilities and Work Issues

How do learning disabilities affect a person in the workplace?
What factors contribute to success for a worker with LD?
How can a 'coach' or teacher assist adults as they prepare for work?

This page, jointly created for the Workforce Education and the Literacy & Learning Disabilities Special Collections, addresses an issue of prime importance to those with learning disabilities: how to engage in satisfying and successful work. It also raises awareness of learning disabilities for employers and workers.

Resources addressing the interaction of learning disabilities and workforce education are presented in two formats:


Guiding the reader through a presentation of learning disabilities and work issues with live links to resources providing more detailed and in-depth information. Through the tutorial, you'll learn:

  • What it is like to have learning disabilities
  • The various forms that LD can take
  • How learning disabilities can affect work performance
  • The most critical skills in the modern workplace
  • How a 'coach' or teacher can help to prepare adults with LD for success at work

Click here for the tutorial.




A listing of resources by searchable topics for readers who want to find links to online resources about a specific named issue quickly. Look for resources on:

Resources can also be accessed by these audiences:

Click here for a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all included resources.